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CD4+T cells mediate protection against Zika associated severe disease in a mouse model of infection

Hassert et al.

  • Papers
  • PLOS Pathogens
  • September 2018

Memory CD4+ T cell receptor repertoire data mining as a tool for identifying cytomegalovirus serostatus

De Neuter et al.

  • Genes and Immunity
  • Papers
  • June 2018

CD1b Tetramers Identify T Cells that Recognize Natural and Synthetic Diacylated Sulfoglycolipids from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

James et al.

  • Cell Chemical Biology
  • Papers
  • April 2018

Cross-reactive microbial peptides can modulate HIV-specific CD8+ T cell responses

Pohlmeyer et al.

  • Papers
  • February 2018

Expanded cellular clones carrying replication-competent HIV-1 persist, wax, and wane

Wang et al.

  • Papers
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • February 2018

T cell receptor repertoire among women who cleared and failed to clear cervical human papillomavirus infection: An exploratory proof-of-principle study

Kuhs et al.

  • Papers
  • January 2018

Unique phenotypes and clonal expansions of human CD4 effector memory T cells re-expressing CD45RA

Tian et al.

  • Nature Communications
  • Papers
  • November 2017

Adipose Tissue is Enriched for Activated and Late-differentiated CD8+ T cells, and Shows Distinct CD8+ Receptor Usage, Compared to Blood in HIV-infected Persons

Koethe et al.

  • Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes
  • Papers
  • October 2017

Staged development of long lived TCRαβ Th17 resident memory T cell population to Candida albicans after skin infection

Park et al.

  • Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • Papers
  • September 2017