Adaptive in Seattle Times


Adaptive Biotechnologies, a Seattle startup that focuses on scouring the genetic makeup of the immune system to help fight cancer and other diseases, said Monday it has raised an eye-popping $105 million in funding to boost its research and commercial efforts. Read full article at Times Website

Adaptive Biotechnologies Announces Completion of Series C and Series D Financing Rounds Through a $105 million Private Investment from Viking Global Investors

Original Founders of Adaptive

Adaptive announced today the completion of the Company’s Series C financing round and the completion of a newly created Series D round with a $105 million investment from Viking Global Investors.  This investment will enable the Company to expand globally its preeminent immunosequencing research platform and downstream validated clinical diagnostic products.

Adaptive Announces a Biomarker Discovery Agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation


Adaptive announced today a biomarker discovery agreement facilitated by the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in California.  Under the agreement, Adaptive will use its patented immune profiling assay, immunoSEQTM, to enable an in-depth characterization of the immune response to diseases being studied and select immunology and oncology drugs being developed by Janssen Research & Development, LLC (Janssen). The exploration of immune response may identify patient populations more likely to respond to targeted therapies based on their immune status.

Adaptive test featured on CBS News; highlighting STM publication


CBS News just published a story highlighting the promise of Adaptive’s QuanTILfy test that is being tested in many solid tumors for the prognosis, diagnosis, and monitoring of cancer patients. The article is based on a study published yesterday in Science Translational Medicine  demonstrating that QuanTILfy may help predict survival in ovarian cancer patients.

Adaptive Biotechnologies Publishes ‘Gold Standard’ Method for Sequencing Cells of the Adaptive Immune System


Adaptive announced today the publication of a method to significantly improve the accuracy of next-generation immune system profiling by creating a fully validated Synthetic Immune System (SISTM) to control for any possible bias caused by the amplification method used to characterize the enormous complexity of the adaptive immune system.  The SIS method, developed and validated in Adaptive’s Seattle laboratories is described in the October 25th issue of Nature Communications, and demonstrates the Company’s fundamental commitment to data quality.