A powerful new solution for immune system profiling.

immunoSEQThe immunoSEQ system combines the capabilities of ultrahigh-throughput DNA sequencing with a
proprietary sequencing methodology and a powerful bioinformatics software suite to provide exceptionally deep access to T cell and B cell repertoires.

Representing a breakthrough advance in the ability to analyze and characterize a T cell or B cell population, immunoSEQ assays can generate many millions of T cell or B cell receptor sequences from a single sample.

This unprecedented capability is complemented by analytical software that facilitates analysis, visualization, comparison and reporting of TCR or BCR sequence data.

immunoSEQ Analyzer
The immunoSEQ Analyzer is a powerful bioinformatics software program, created by Adaptive Biotechnologies, that provides clients with a range of tools for the analysis of their TCR or BCR sequence data.

The immunoSEQ Analyzer software resides on the Adaptive Biotechnologies servers, so no client installation or maintenance of the software is ever required. Access to the immunoSEQ Analyzer software is provided via a secure client account.

The immunoSEQ Analyzer tool set is continually being expanded and upgraded to provide improved functionality.

For more information, visit immunoseq.com