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T cell repertoire remodeling following post-transplant T cell therapy coincides with clinical response

Smith et al.

  • Journal of Clinical Investigation
  • October 2019

Distinct PLZF+CD8αα+ Unconventional T Cells Enriched in Liver Use a Cytotoxic Mechanism to Limit Autoimmunity

Sheng et al.

  • Journal of Immunology
  • September 2019

mTORC1 as a cell-intrinsic rheostat that shapes development, preimmune repertoire, and function of B lymphocytes

Raybuck et al.

  • September 2019

Oncolytic Viruses Engineered to Enforce Leptin Expression Reprogram Tumor-Infiltrating T Cell Metabolism and Promote Tumor Clearance

Rivadeneira et al.

  • Immunity
  • September 2019

IL-33 Is a Cell-Intrinsic Regulator of Fitness during Early B Cell Development

Stier et al.

  • Journal of Immunology
  • September 2019

Deletion of donor-reactive T cell clones after human liver transplant

Savage et al.

  • American Journal of Transplantation
  • September 2019

Dose-escalated interleukin-2 therapy for refractory chronic graft-versus-host disease in adults and children

Whangbo et al.

  • Blood Advances
  • September 2019

Deep generative models for T cell receptor protein sequences

Davidsen et al.

  • eLIFE
  • September 2019

Suppressed immune microenvironment and repertoire in brain metastases from patients with resected non-small-cell lung cancer

Kudo et al.

  • Annals of Oncology
  • September 2019