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Effector TH17 Cells Give Rise to Long-Lived TRM Cells that Are Essential for an Immediate Response against Bacterial Infection

Vesely et al.

  • Cell
  • August 2019

Defining Virus-specific CD8+ TCR Repertoires for Therapeutic Regeneration of T Cells against Chronic Hepatitis E

Soon et al.

  • Journal of Hepatology
  • June 2019

TRAV1-2+ CD8+ T-cells including oligoconal expansions of MAIT cells are enriched in the airways in human tuberculosis

Wong et al.

  • Communications Biology
  • June 2019

Use of Highly Characterized EBV-Specific T Cells Outside of the Immediate Post-Transplant Setting

Rouce et al.

  • Cytotherapy
  • May 2019

Graft γδ TCR Sequencing Identifies Public Clonotypes Associated with Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Efficacy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients and Unravels Cytomegalovirus Impact on Repertoire Distribution

Arruda et al.

  • Journal of Immunology
  • March 2019

A Prime-Pull-Amplify Vaccination Strategy To Maximize Induction of Circulating and Genital-Resident Intraepithelial CD8+ Memory T Cells

Çuburu et al.

  • Journal of Immunology
  • February 2019

Cytomegalovirus Exposure in the Elderly Does Not Reduce CD8 T Cell Repertoire Diversity

Lindau et al.

  • Journal of Immunology
  • January 2019

Identifying and Tracking Low-Frequency Virus-Specific TCR Clonotypes Using High-Throughput Sequencing

Wolf et al.

  • Cancer Reports
  • November 2018

Microphysiologic Human Tissue Constructs Reproduce Autologous Age-Specific BCG and HBV Primary Immunization in vitro

Sanchez-Schmitz et al.

  • Frontiers in Immunology
  • November 2018