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Maternal T Cells in the Human Placental Villi Support an Allograft Response during Noninfectious Villitis

Enninga et al.

  • Journal of Immunology
  • April 2020

A T Cell Receptor Sequencing-Based Assay Identifies Cross-Reactive Recall CD8 + T Cell Clonotypes Against Autologous HIV-1 Epitope Variants

Chan et al.

  • Frontiers in Immunology
  • April 2020

Epstein-Barr Virus Epitope-Major Histocompatibility Complex Interaction Combined with Convergent Recombination Drives Selection of Diverse T Cell Receptor α and β Repertoires

Gil et al.

  • mBio
  • March 2020

CD45RB Status of CD8+ T Cell Memory Defines T Cell Receptor Affinity and Persistence

Krummey et al.

  • Cell Reports
  • February 2020

Differential skewing of donor-unrestricted and γδ T cell repertoires in tuberculosis-infected human lungs

Ogongo et al.

  • Journal of Clinical Investigation
  • November 2019

Effector TH17 Cells Give Rise to Long-Lived TRM Cells that Are Essential for an Immediate Response against Bacterial Infection

Vesely et al.

  • Cell
  • August 2019

Defining Virus-specific CD8+ TCR Repertoires for Therapeutic Regeneration of T Cells against Chronic Hepatitis E

Soon et al.

  • Journal of Hepatology
  • June 2019

TRAV1-2+ CD8+ T-cells including oligoconal expansions of MAIT cells are enriched in the airways in human tuberculosis

Wong et al.

  • Communications Biology
  • June 2019

Use of Highly Characterized EBV-Specific T Cells Outside of the Immediate Post-Transplant Setting

Rouce et al.

  • Cytotherapy
  • May 2019