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Model to improve specificity for identification of clinically-relevant expanded T cells in peripheral blood.

Rytlewski et al.

  • March 2019

High-throughput sequencing of the T cell receptor b gene identifies aggressive early-stage mycosis fungoides

De Masson et al.

  • Papers
  • Science Translational Medicine
  • May 2018

Cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobulin light chain ratios predict disease progression in multiple sclerosis

Rathbone et al.

  • Journal of Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Papers
  • Psychiatry
  • April 2018

Identification of unique neoantigen qualities in long-term survivors of pancreatic cancer

Balachandran et al.

  • Nature
  • Papers
  • November 2017

Integrative clinical genomics of metastatic cancer

Robinson et al.

  • Nature
  • Papers
  • August 2017

Immunosequencing identifies signatures of cytomegalovirus exposure history and HLA-mediated effects on the T cell repertoire

Emerson et al.

  • Nature Genetics
  • Papers
  • April 2017

Antigen presentation profiling reveals recognition of lymphoma immunoglobulin neoantigens

Khodadoust et al.

  • Nature
  • Papers
  • March 2017

Identification of patient-specific and tumor-shared T cell receptor sequences in renal cell carcinoma patients

Massa et al.

  • Oncotarget |
  • Papers
  • February 2017

Tumor-Infiltrating Merkel Cell Polyomavirus-Specific T Cells Are Diverse and Associated with Improved Patient Survival

Miller et al.

  • Cancer Immunology Research
  • Papers
  • February 2017