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Recognition of human gastrointestinal cancer neoantigens by circulating PD-1+ lymphocytes

Gros et al.

  • Journal of Clinical Investigation
  • November 2019

Immune and circulating tumor DNA profiling following radiation treatment for oligometastatic NSCLC; translational correlatives from a mature randomized phase II trial

Tang et al.

  • International Journal of Radiation Oncology &Biology & Physics
  • October 2019

Single-cell immune landscape of human atherosclerotic plaques

Fernandez et al.

  • Nature Medicine
  • October 2019

Immunoglobulin somatic hypermutation has clinical impact in DLBCL and potential implications for immune checkpoint blockade and neoantigen-based immunotherapies

Xu-Monette et al.

  • Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer
  • October 2019

T Cell Repertoire Dynamics during Pregnancy in Multiple Sclerosis

Ramien et al.

  • Cell Reports
  • October 2019

Efficacy and tolerability of anti-programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) antibody (Avelumab) treatment in advanced thymoma

Rajan et al.

  • Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer
  • October 2019

T cell repertoire remodeling following post-transplant T cell therapy coincides with clinical response

Smith et al.

  • Journal of Clinical Investigation
  • October 2019

Low-grade glioma harbors few CD8 t cells, which is accompanied by decreased expression of chemo- attractants, not immunogenic antigens

Weenink et al.

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  • October 2019

An innate-like Vd1 gd T cell compartment in the human breast is associated with remission in triple-negative breast cancer

Wu et al.

  • Science Translational Medicine
  • October 2019