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Dual Targeting Nanoparticle Stimulates the Immune System To Inhibit Tumor Growth

Antibody-mediated neutralization of soluble MIC significantly enhances CTLA4 blockade therapy

Zhang et al.

  • Papers
  • Science Advances
  • May 2017

High-content molecular profiling of T-cell therapy in oncology

Novosiadly et al.

  • Molecular Therapy — Oncolytics
  • Papers
  • February 2016

Inclusion of Strep-tag II in design of antigen receptors for T-cell immunotherapy

Liu et al.

  • Nature Biotechnology
  • Papers
  • February 2016

Targeting of HPV-16+ Epithelial Cancer Cells by TCR Gene Engineered T Cells Directed against E6

Lindsey M. Draper

  • Clinical Cancer Research
  • Papers
  • December 2015