Expanding Footprint

The exterior of Adaptive's Seattle HQ

With the opening of a new corporate headquarters in Seattle’s South Lake Union and expanded offices in South San Francisco and New York City, Adaptive continues to grow its employee base and increase the impact of its immune medicine platform in areas such as infectious diseases, autoimmune conditions, and cancer.

The Future of Immune Medicine

Adaptive is powering the age of immune medicine and propelling a paradigm shift in healthcare. The combination of our unique approach and the near-infinite applications of immune medicine provide opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people living with many different diseases, both now and in the future. This is just the beginning […]

The First-Ever T Cell–Based Diagnostic Test

Adaptive launches T-Detect COVID, a novel diagnostic test for patients that uses the T cell as a marker to indicate recent or past infection. This is a small step for Adaptive and a large step towards Adaptive’s and Microsoft’s ultimate vision to develop T cell–based tests for early and accurate detection of many diseases from […]

Enabling a New Way to Measure Immunity

Adaptive launches immunoSEQ T-MAP COVID, a new tool for researchers that measures the T-cell response to vaccines in development and tracks the persistence of the responses over time.

Decoding the Immune Response to COVID-19

Adaptive, in partnership with Microsoft, points its platform against COVID-19. They share the data freely with researchers around the world to inform novel diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines via ImmuneCODE, the largest database ever developed of T-cell immune responses to this virus.

Adaptive is Born

Chad and Harlan Robins look out over the lake

Harlan and his brother, Chad Robins, found Adaptive TCR to meet the demand for this technology from academic institutions around the world.  

500 Publications and Building

500 publications

From narcolepsy to ovarian cancer. From HIV to SARS-CoV-2. From the healthy baseline of the immune repertoire to kidney transplantation. Adaptive continues to propel the understanding of the smallest details and the biggest insights of immune response.

Adaptive Goes Public

Harlan and Chad Robins at Nasdaq during the IPO

In one of the biggest biotech IPOs of the year, Harlan and Chad Robins ring the Nasdaq opening bell as Adaptive is listed under the ticker symbol ADPT.