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The wisdom of the
immune system at work

Adaptive is writing the future of immune-driven medicine through our internal research and in partnership with the larger healthcare community. With products and services supporting life sciences research, clinical diagnostics, and drug discovery, we are adding an entirely new dimension to the diagnosis and treatment of disease – from cancer to autoimmune conditions to infectious diseases – in ways that improve people’s lives.

 Life Sciences Research

Pioneering new methods

Using our immunoSEQ Assays, we and our partners can profile individual and collective adaptive immune repertoires by sequencing T- and B-cell receptors. This empowers researchers at hundreds of academic centers and pharmaceutical companies around the world to enhance their study of disease and their drug development efforts. immunoSEQ is also the foundation of our own proprietary diagnostic and drug discovery applications.

 Clinical Diagnostics

A new dimension
of precision healthcare

We are developing immune-driven clinical diagnostics that improve the ways in which patients are diagnosed with or monitored for disease.

Our first proprietary diagnostic test, clonoSEQ, is used by clinicians for the detection and monitoring of MRD in bone marrow samples from multiple myeloma and B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients. It is also used by our pharmaceutical partners to monitor response to innovative cancer treatments in clinical trials, and it is the first-ever diagnostic assay powered by immunosequencing to be cleared by the FDA.


Screening TCRs for immune-driven therapeutics

Adaptive uses its TCR discovery and immune profiling platform to collaborate in the development of groundbreaking therapies in disease areas including cancer, autoimmune conditions and infectious diseases. Our versatile screening platform combines sequencing (immunoSEQ), T cell receptor (TCR) mapping (MIRA), and pairing (pairSEQ) capabilities with advanced cellular immunology. This enables the identification and selection of naturally occurring, potent TCRs for cellular therapy, which are also likely optimized for safety. Additionally, Adaptive’s TCR screening capabilities can be used for target validation to characterize the immunogenicity of hundreds of antigens at a time to guide the design and development of next-generation vaccines plus monitor early signs of antigen-specific response in patients.