Adaptive considers research projects that align with the company’s strategic development goals on a case-by-case basis. Currently, we are prioritizing projects in autoimmune and infectious disease research. If you are interested in a research collaboration, please submit an application. For questions, please contact


  • Research proposals can focus on any aspect of immunology
  • Proposals must be one page in length and can be designed using any immunoSEQ Assay

Criteria for Evaluation
Some of the factors proposals will be evaluated on are:

  • The innovative use of immunoSEQ Assays in the research concept
  • The soundness of research design
  • The value of the research to the field of immunology
  • Large sample sets or patient groups
  • Retrospective studies with samples already collected
  • Adequate samples available, please review Sample Guidelines

Terms of Collaboration
Applicants selected as collaborators will be required to sign an agreement with the following terms:

  • Co-ownership of the immunosequencing data and metadata
  • Co-analysis of data including relevant metadata (i.e. outcomes)
  • Co-authorship on any manuscripts published using the immunosequencing data
  • Applicant’s rights to submit the samples and metadata for analysis
  • Submission of data by both parties for oral presentations or poster presentations at scientific meetings
  • Inclusion of all de-identified data and metadata in Adaptive’s public sequence database post-publication

How to apply

To apply for a collaboration, complete the information requested below. Please understand that if your project is not selected, Adaptive is not making a judgement related to the scientific merit of your project. Rather, the Company is allocating its R&D budget in predefined strategic objectives. Additionally, please note that data from collaborations will be shared with Adaptive and is subject to contribution to a public database after an agreed on period of time set aside for publication.