Apply for the WIDEN Award

Adaptive Biotechnologies is dedicated to recognizing and promoting the work of the amazing women who are advancing immune-driven medicine around the world. Each year, we will select one or more applicants for our WIDEN Award to receive a $5,000 grant to use for sequencing to assist in their research.

Application Due Date: June 30, 2020

If you submit your application after this deadline, your application will be considered in the next round of submissions.

Thank you for your interest in our WIDEN Award program. The program supports women scientists and researchers pursuing exciting research projects related to the adaptive immune system and other fields with potential implications towards advancement in immune-driven medicine. Our goal is to select one or more qualifying applicants to receive a $5,000 immunosequencing grant to assist with their research. The grant may be applied toward any of Adaptive’s immunoSEQ® Assay products. In addition, our expert scientific advisors will provide experimental design and data analysis consultation. If you have any questions about the application process or would like to discuss your project or experimental design with one of our scientific liaisons, please contact the team at

To apply for our WIDEN Award, complete and submit the form along with a one-page research proposal.

  • Proposals can focus on any research related to the adaptive immune system
  • Proposals must describe a pilot study to profile either the human or mouse TCR or BCR repertoire
  • Proposal length is limited to one page
  • For further information on required qualifications, proposal details, and evaluation criteria, please see the appropriate sections at the bottom of this page

Applications for grants and all granted services must be for research purposes only, not for any diagnostic purposes.


  • This program is to further women in science and as such, applications are limited to those who identify as a woman
  • Applicants applying must have an MD, PhD, or equivalent advanced degree, and hold a position within the laboratory of a senior researcher or above
  • There are no citizenship requirements for this program; Adaptive Biotechnologies welcomes applications from all qualified individuals from qualifying institutions worldwide


  • Research proposals may focus on any aspect of adaptive immune research or related fields with potential implications towards advancement in immune-driven medicine
  • Proposals must describe a pilot study to profile either the human or mouse TCR or BCR repertoire
  • Proposal length is limited to one page
  • Proposals must be for research purposes only; Adaptive Biotechnologies does not currently offer public grants for clinical research projects (e.g. diagnostic or therapeutic trials)

Criteria for Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated on the following: the innovative application of immunoSEQ Technology to the research concept, the soundness of the research design, and the value of the research to the field of immune-driven medicine.

  • Winners receive a $5,000 grant for use towards either immunoSEQ Service or the immunoSEQ Kit
  • Winners agree to cite Adaptive Biotechnologies in the methods section of any resulting publication
  • Winners also agree to be interviewed for, and possibly highlighted in, Adaptive’s Researcher Profiles feature (with potential distribution via various promotional and media channels)
  • Winners must agree to submit data generated from their project to the immuneACCESS database within six months after its public release (i.e. any public reference to the data including, but not limited to, presentation via abstract, poster, or speaking engagement, press release, media interview, etc.)
  • Grant funds expire one year from date of award
  • Proposals must be able to be implemented as submitted to accept award (e.g., if proposal lists 50 samples to achieve statistical significance and applicant only has access to 10 samples within the time frame and accessible resources, applicant may forfeit grant)

The Fine Print

All grant determinations and interpretations of the immunoSEQ WIDEN Award program will be made in the sole and absolute discretion of Adaptive Biotechnologies. The grant program may be revoked or terminated at any time for any reason, even after a grant notification has been issued. Winners will be required to sign or acknowledge a written grant agreement with Adaptive Biotechnologies as a condition for using the granted services.

The offering of this grant is in no way conditioned on the value or volume of Adaptive sales made or anticipated. This grant receives support that may result in a report to the CMS Open Payments website under the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. The supporting companies are required to report the amount of the grant, the names of physicians who are awarded this grant, and the names of their institutions. This information may appear on the Open Payments website. More information about the Sunshine Act and CMS Open Payments program can be found here.