Innovative Diagnostic Pipeline

Adding new pages to the story of the adaptive immune system

At Adaptive, we’re investing in the continued development of blood-based diagnostic applications of our platform, which add new meaning to the stories every patient’s immune system has to tell.

Early Detection

We are developing a suite of diagnostic tests to detect cancer and other diseases at their earliest stage, when they can be more effectively treated, by learning which signals the activated immune receptors in a patient’s blood are specifically responding to. By combining Adaptive’s immune profiling technologies with Microsoft’s large-scale machine learning and cloud computing capabilities, we are working to achieve our ultimate goal of creating a universal diagnostic for disease detection, all from a simple blood test.


For a decade, we have been studying and quantifying the properties of a robust, healthy adaptive immune system. Now, we are applying these measurable properties in the context of clinical trials across disease states, including transplantation and immunotherapy, to assess whether the presence of a diverse immune repertoire in a patient’s blood can inform prognosis or predict responses in the clinic. We are also assessing the clinical relevance of a focused and robust immune response within tumor tissue prior to treatment to predict and monitor response to immunotherapy.