TCR screening for the development and monitoring of vaccines

Our TCR screening capabilities have the potential to guide the design and development of next-generation vaccines by characterizing the immunogenicity of hundreds of antigens at a time. Our platform could also be used to then monitor early signs of antigen-specific T cell responses.

Optimizing Vaccine Design

The MIRA technology and antigen specificity approach could potentially be used to identify and inform selection of the most immunogenic antigens to use in the development of either an ‘off-the-shelf’ or personalized vaccine.

Monitoring Vaccines

Post-vaccination, TCRs specific to antigen(s) in the vaccine can serve as a ‘record’ or ‘signature’ of that patient’s vaccine-specific T-cell response. This information may be leveraged to monitor each patient’s antigen specific T cells response to the vaccine over time using the single chain immunoSEQ TCRB assay.

*MIRA is for research use only.