Developing and monitoring vaccines

To enable vaccine development, the MIRA* assay (Multiplexed Identification of T-cell Receptor Antigen Specificity) is used to assess the immunogenicity of antigens of interest in a particular disease to inform the design, mechanism of action, and development of vaccines. A post-vaccination, patient-specific MIRA can also be created to generate a signature of each patient’s response to the Adaptive-informed vaccine. This signature can then be leveraged to identify early biomarkers of response to the vaccine and monitor the response longitudinally by simply using immunoSEQ on a small amount of a patient’s peripheral blood.

Optimizing Vaccine Design

The MIRA assay can be used to select the most immunogenic antigens for use in vaccine development, either geared towards patients with a particular disease, or for personalized cancer vaccines.

Monitoring Vaccines

MIRA can also be used to assess whether the Adaptive-informed vaccine is generating a de novo T cell response. This can be used to further optimize the vaccine and then to develop a signature to measure efficacy using immunoSEQ.

*MIRA is for research use only.