Recent COVID Data

At Adaptive, we are leveraging the immune system’s natural ability to detect and treat disease to develop clinical products. Understanding the immune response to COVID-19 may lead to solutions to accelerate progress against the disease.

S. Vardhana, et al.

Science Immunology

March 2022

Santosha Vardhana, Lance Baldo, William G. Moriceii, and E. John Wherry

Damon H. May1 , Benjamin E. R. Rubin1 , Sudeb C. Dalai1,2 , Krishna Patel1 , Shahin Shafiani1 , Rebecca Elyanow1 , Matthew T. Noakes1 , Thomas M. Snyder1 , and Harlan S. Robins1

1 Adaptive Biotechnologies, Seattle, Washington, USA
2 Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, California, USA