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Adaptive spun out of the laboratories of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington and began as a collaboration between Dr. Harlan Robins, Dr. Chris Carlson, and Dr. Edus Warren. Blending Dr. Robins’ computational biology expertise with Dr. Carlson’s deep understanding of molecular genomics and Dr. Warren’s extensive knowledge of clinical immunology, the scientists had an “aha!” moment when they started asking questions related to isolating and amplifying T-Cell receptors from the human genome.

After a few pilot experiments to determine how best to achieve this goal, the team discovered a breakthrough method of measuring adaptive immunity, through massive parallel sequencing of TCRs at a relatively low cost basis, providing for profiling of the diversity of an individual’s TCR repertoire.

Drs. Robins and Carlson went on to form Adaptive, and the pair of scientists enlisted Dr. Robins’ brother as the third founder. Chad Robins, an operations and marketing specialist, executes the business strategy to bring Adaptive’s technology to market. Dr. Warren maintains an active association with Adaptive as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board.