ASH 2023: MRD Highlights in BioPharma Drug Development

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Drug Discovery

Target Discovery

Leveraging our immune medicine platform, we identify and validate attractive targets in indications with high unmet medical need—including autoimmune disorders, cancer, infectious diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders. Once we have a validated target, we use our platform to develop either T-cell receptor-based (TCR) or antibody-based therapeutic modalities.

Differentiators of Adaptive’s Approach

Focus on disease ground truth

  • Identify “public” disease-associated TCRs from blood
  • 1,000s of patient cases vs. 1,000s healthy controls 

Target Validation

  • Test target-specific TCRs in available disease models
  • Further validation of antibody discovery against target 

Sheer scale + exquisite specificity

  • Identify TCR clusters of disease in HLA context
  • De-orphanized TCRs against millions of peptides
  • Map TCRs to known antigens at scale (MIRA*) 

Develop therapeutic assets

  • TCR/antibody discovery against select targets

*MIRA is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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