The Adaptive Immune System

Nature's Most Finely-Tuned Diagnostic and Therapeutic

Adaptive Immune System Overview

How Understanding the Adaptive Immune System May Transform Medicine

Over hundreds of millions of years, the adaptive immune system has evolved an elegant solution to keeping people healthy. Learn more about how the genetic diversity of the human adaptive immune system gives us the ability to detect and respond to millions of disease specific antigens.

Adaptive’s Immune Medicine Platform

Translating the Genetics of the Adaptive Immune System

Learn how Adaptive Biotechnologies pioneered technology to accurately decipher the massive genetic code of the adaptive immune system with the scale, precision and speed necessary to develop diagnostics and therapeutics that have the potential to be truly personalized and patient specific.

The Evolution of Our Immune Medicine Platform

Revealing the Diversity and Scale of the Adaptive Immune System and How it Works

The technologies underpinning Adaptive’s immune medicine platform have evolved over time to generate opportunities across life sciences research, clinical diagnostics and drug discovery.