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Pride Month at Adaptive: Celebrating Progress and Community

Chandra Von Scherr, Senior Manager, Sales Operations and Leader, Pride at Adaptive

Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate the history and progress made by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) community, while also reflecting on the ongoing challenges faced today. As the lead of the Adaptive Pride employee resource group (ERG), we arranged exciting programming with onsite lunches, social events, and speaking engagements focused on how to support, serve, and increase Adapter awareness and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.

We kicked off the month in the sweetest way possible—with a rainbow cookie baking demonstration. As we whipped up these colorful treats, we were reminded how diversity enriches our lives and our workplace. Each ingredient, like each person, adds its own unique flavor to the mix, creating something truly wonderful when we come together.

Later in the month, we hosted a Lunch & Learn in collaboration with the Rainbow Center, a resource hub and safe space for the LGBTQ+ community located in Tacoma, Washington. Each year, the Rainbow Center provides direct services to 1,000 individuals, welcomes almost 4,000 visits, and touches the lives of thousands more through events and partnerships. 

Mary Woodard, education manager of the Rainbow Center, joined us virtually to teach us about the history of the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement in the U.S.—from the founding of the earliest LGBT rights advocacy organization in Chicago (1924), to the Stonewall Riot (1969), the first Pride March (1970), through the codification of the 14th Amendment, and legal right to marry (2015). This was followed by a discussion on the current state of LGBTQ+ advocacy, including a deep dive into the ACLU anti-LGBTQ bills tracker, with an explanation of the various types of attacks on protections and rights. For allies looking to deepen their involvement in advocacy, Mary emphasized the importance of expanding their understanding of the issues or challenges the community may be facing in their region or state.

Pride Month is an opportunity to look back on LGBTQ+ history, recount how we arrived at this moment in time, and contemplate how we move into the future and practice making the world a more inclusive and respectful place. It’s a time when allies can learn more about the diverse experiences, challenges, expressions, and personalities in the community. These learnings will serve as an inspiration well beyond the month of June.

To close out the month, a group of Adapters will be walking in the Seattle PRIDE parade on Sunday, June 30. Through education, advocacy, and celebration, we will continue fostering a powerful sense of community and belonging at Adaptive.