Our Immune Medicine Platform

Translating the brilliance
of the adaptive immune system

The immune system is astonishingly brilliant in its ability to precisely detect and attack disease and to record its activity throughout our lives. Our team has created a powerful platform to make the elegant complexity of the immune system accessible to researchers and clinicians around the world to allow each and every person’s immune system tell its own story. Our immune medicine platform applies our proprietary technologies, computational biology, software and machine learning to read the diverse genetic code of a patient’s immune system and understand precisely how it detects and treats disease in that patient.

Platform Overview

Revealing the enormous diversity and scale of the adaptive immune system

The key cells of the adaptive immune system that enable our body to mount responses against antigens are called T cells and B cells. Each of these cells has a unique receptor (T cell receptors and B cell receptors, or TCRs and BCRs) which can recognize one or a small number of the millions of antigens to which our bodies are continuously exposed.

Pioneering Technology

Translating the genetics of the adaptive immune system into diagnostics and therapeutics to improve patients' lives.

Learn how we pioneered technology to accurately decipher the massive genetic code of the adaptive immune system with the scale, precision and speed necessary to develop diagnostics and therapeutics that have the potential to be truly personalized and patient specific.

Our Platform

Technologies Underpinning Our Immune Medicine Platform


Quantifying TCRs & BCRs

immunoSEQ sequences single chains of “Y-shaped” T-cell receptors or B-cell receptors using next-generation sequencing (NGS), enabling us to understand the quantity and diversity of T and B cells in a biological sample. This provides deep insights into individual and collective immune responses at a scale that is thousands of times greater than was previously possible.


Mapping TCRs to antigens

MIRA (Multiplexed Identification of T cell Receptor Antigen Specificity) maps millions of TCRs to thousands of clinically relevant antigens. Combined with immunoSEQ, MIRA elucidates what potential diseases a patient’s immune system has seen or is actively fighting.


Pairing receptor chains

pairSEQ builds on immunoSEQ by using a combinatorial strategy to accurately pair the alpha and beta chains of T-cell receptors or B-cell receptors at high-throughput, which is challenging to do at scale using other methods because the two chains of the Y-shaped receptors are located on different chromosomes.


Identifying optimal therapeutic TCRs

TruTCR characterizes binding, cytotoxicity, and safety properties of antigen-specific, paired TCRs to identify a subset that is therapeutic-grade, enabling the discovery and development of optimal clinical candidates to be engineered into TCR-mediated cellular therapies.

TruAB is our high-throughput antibody discovery process that enables the selection of potent, naturally occurring, full length antibodies for therapeutic or prophylactic development.

immunoSEQ, MIRA, and pairSEQ, are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. TruTCR is for investigational use only.

Clinical Immunomics Database

Data informs clinical applications

The massive amount of data generated by our immune medicine platform is stored in our dynamic clinical immunomics database of over 47 billion immune receptors. The application of machine learning, in collaboration with Microsoft, exponentially accelerates the growth of novel insights from this database, which drives our ability to rapidly discover and develop potential diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Featured publications

Explore the hundreds of articles, published in peer-reviewed journals, using our proprietary immune profiling platform across cancer, autoimmune conditions, infectious diseases and other disease areas.

*For research use only.