Our Immune Profiling Platform

Translating the brilliance
of the adaptive immune system

The immune system is astonishingly brilliant in its ability to precisely detect and attack disease and to record its activity throughout our lives. Our team has created a powerful platform to make this elegant complexity accessible to researchers and clinicians around the world to allow each and every person’s immune system tell its own story. Combining expertise in immunosequencing, immunology, computational biology, and software development, our proprietary, state-of-the-art platform reveals and translates insights from our adaptive immune systems with unprecedented scale and precision to diagnose, treat, and monitor disease.


Proprietary chemistry to simplify complexity

Immunosequencing, pioneered by Adaptive’s scientific founders, uses patented chemistry to sequence and quantify all the diverse immune receptors in a biological sample at high-throughput. This powerful information provides insights into our individual and collective immune responses to disease and therapies that modulate the immune system. We are capable of sequencing either single or paired chains with our immunoSEQ and pairSEQ* assays, respectively.


State-of-the-art immunology for TCR mapping and discovery

Combining the power of immunosequencing with cellular immunology and computational biology, our MIRA* assay (Multiplexed Identification of T-cell Receptor Antigen Specificity) enables us to map T-cell receptors (TCRs) to antigens at unprecedented scale and accuracy. The integration of MIRA with differentiated functional assays and capabilities represent the Adaptive TruTCR™ end-to-end drug discovery platform. TruTCR drives the identification and characterization of clinical-grade TCRs for therapeutic use.

computational biology

World-class computational biology generates actionable insights and clinical data

The massive amount of immunosequencing data generated by Adaptive’s assays has required advances in computational biology. Adaptive’s industry-leading team of experts pioneer new methods to ensure we deliver best-in-class accuracy for characterizing the adaptive immune repertoire and help our clients and partners transform immune repertoire data into biological insights and clinical results.

Software & analytics

Differentiated software tools to visualize immune system dynamics

Our expert software builders have built integrated, proprietary, user-friendly tools in the immunoSEQ Analyzer to help visualize and analyze immunological data from our sequencing chemistry and computational algorithms. The result is integrated data at the fingertips of all our collaborators who seek to leverage immune-based insights to improve human health.


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Featured publications

Explore the hundreds of articles, published in peer-reviewed journals, using our proprietary immune profiling platform across cancer, autoimmune conditions and infectious diseases.

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