Advancing TCRs for cellular therapy

In our push to use the wisdom of the adaptive immune system to create a new class of personalized therapeutics, we developed our TCR screening platform to enable the discovery of TCRs against clinically relevant antigens at unprecedented scale and accuracy. One investigational application of this platform, called TruTCR, is used to identify TCRs that are sourced from blood of healthy individuals and recognize naturally processed and presented cancer antigens. This enables the development of cellular therapies using naturally occurring TCRs against shared antigens. The Adaptive TCR drug discovery platform can also be adapted to screen in real-time for naturally occurring, patient-specific TCRs against a wide variety of neoantigens, offering the potential of a truly personalized multi-target cellular therapy approach in oncology.

TruTCR Screening Technology

TruTCR is an investigational, validated end-to-end approach to screen at high sensitivity and specificity for naturally-occurring TCRs against hundreds of antigens simultaneously followed by characterization and selection of clinical-grade TCRs for therapeutic use.


Several hundreds of antigens are used in conjunction with cells from healthy donor peripheral blood. This allows access to the massive diversity of a healthy repertoire to identify superior, potent TCRs against naturally processed and presented antigens.


Candidate TCRs are first identified using immunoSEQ and our patented MIRA*(Multiplexed Identification of T-cell Receptor Antigen Specificity) assay to select T-cell receptors that effectively bind to any type of antigens that are processed and presented. We then use our proprietary pairSEQ* assay to create a complete sequence of both chains of these clinical candidates.


These TCRs are then synthesized and further characterized using a robust suite of cellular immunology assays including the assessment of TCR binding, cell killing, and set of de-risking safety steps to rule out any off-target effects. Prioritized TCRs are then developed by our partners into TCR-based cellular therapies ready for use in IND enabling studies.

*For research use only.