Drug Discovery

T-Cell Therapy

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Advancing TCRs for cellular therapy

We are currently leveraging our TCR discovery capabilities to enable commercialization of novel therapies by collaborators. In the future, we may explore expanding our end-to-end capabilities for the development of cellular therapies and vaccines.
TruTCR is summarized in the figure below.

To date, we identified and characterized to different stages more than 3,000+ unique antigen-specific TCRs against 600 different clinically relevant targets, constituting our pipeline of possible clinical candidates. TCR characterization using TruTCR is summarized in the figure below.

Cancer Cellular Therapy

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We’re developing, manufacturing, and commercializing novel neoantigen directed T-cell therapies for the treatment of a broad range of cancers. We aim to build a transformational new treatment paradigm to tailor cellular therapy for each patient’s individual cancer. 

Shared Product

Adaptive will use its immune medicine platform to screen, identify, and characterize TCRs against shared cancer antigens from blood of healthy donors. Genentech will use these TCRs to develop and manufacture “off-the shelf” cell therapy products.

Private Product

Adaptive will screen and identify in real-time the best T-cell receptors (TCRs) targeting a patient’s specific neoantigens. Genentech will use these patient-specific TCRs to engineer and manufacture a personalized cellular medicine and deliver it to each patient. 

Adaptive aims to use its immune medicine platform outside of this collaboration for the development of cellular therapies in other disease areas, including autoimmune conditions and infectious diseases. For more information: